An Opportunity to Help

Support Staci Marinack Stuart as she adapts!

What is the need?

Thank you so much for your outpouring of love, concern, and care since Staci’s recent accident on April 29. It has been overwhelming to feel the effects of prayer and outreach from our friends and family. The first couple of weeks have been a whirlwind as we adjust to wheelchairs, therapy and the realities of seismic changes we will need to adapt to as we move forward. Many people have been asking what they can do to help out and show their love and concern in a tangible way.

Unfortunately due to Jim’s recent job change, there was a lapse in health insurance coverage for two days before the current policy became active. This means the EMT, ambulance, emergency room services, first two days of Staci’s hospitalization, which includes her eight-hour Saturday surgery along with her hour and a half surgery on Sunday were not under an active policy. In other words, insurance won’t cover the largest portion of her $177,000 in hospital costs from Henry Ford-Allegiance.  All financial gifts will go into Staci's personal account and will be applied directly at 100% toward medical expenses.

Help Financially

How can I help?

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Staci has appreciated all those who are praying for immediate needs as well as for Staci's rehabilitation and hopefully a miraculous recovery; those prayers and the love are tangible.

Notes of encouragement are appreciated.  Staci is moving home 6/13/2017 so please send all correspondence to our home at 205 W Oak St, Albion, MI 49224.

If you can help out financially, please click on the link to donate through PayPal or a credit card.  Optionally, you may mail to Staci at the address above.