An Opportunity to Help

Support Staci Marinack Stuart as she adapts!


What Happened?

Early Saturday morning, April 29th, Staci and her husband Jim were in their bookstore and cafe, making final preparations for the re-opening on the following Monday.  

There were two very large bookshelves to move.  The first bookshelf was slid into position with no issue.  While turning the other bookshelf around to put into position, it became top-heavy and toppled over in Staci's direction.  She tucked and tried to get in between the shelves, but the heavy oak case came down and hit her hard in the hip and the shoulder.   Staci immediately knew something was wrong, and had no sensation in her legs.

A skilled surgeon was able to operate that afternoon.  Staci's T12 Vertebra was dislocated and fractured.  The surgeon moved the T12 back into alignment, and fused the spine from T9 down through L3.  The next day followed with a minor surgery to correct the top right screw which was slightly out of position.  After a week of good recovery, Staci was moved to a step-down unit, then over to Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is widely known for their spinal cord injury rehabilitation program.


What's the Outlook?

Staci is attacking the rehab at Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids, with the goal being to be as independent as she can when she comes home, likely in mid to late June 2017. The doctors are saying that it's not that likely that she'll get much if any feeling back in her legs because of the extent of her injury, but Staci and those who love her are remaining optimistic and certainly praying for Staci to get some or all of the use of her legs back. The shock to her spinal cord won't be gone for about three months, so those improvements would not show up until August at the earliest. They say that after three months and for a year or two after that, things can change.  In the meanwhile, Staci appreciates alll the prayers and encouragement.